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Product Designer

Brisbane (remote-friendly)
Applications close
Mon 31 January, 2022

Backpocket is a brand new app that’s revolutionizing how we share, split, and socialize our payments (think: no more fights over bills at dinner, an easy way to split rent or utilities). It’s an exciting time to get in the door of this JM venture and help shape the future of what will surely become a mass market digital product. That’s where you come in.

As a product designer for Backpocket, your informed point of view about UX makes for strong, empathetic, human-centered decision-making. You see problems as puzzles, and your favourite thing is putting them together. You practice world-class design excellence by not only delivering best practices but exploring new territory to refine and regenerate – taking stakeholders on the journey with you. You’re a great communicator who thinks critically and creatively, but visuals are your preferred mode of operating. You go above and beyond to understand how people think and act – that’s why creating experiences that people love is what you love to do. If you're an entrepreneurially-minded product designer ready to play an integral part in defining the future of this app, then being part of the JM venture network just might be your calling.


  • To break new ground, push boundaries and inspire others with your outstanding work.


  • able to show experience in UX
  • an expert in digital product design
  • meticulous in your execution
  • no stranger to iteration and testing
  • a killer communicator, in every respect
  • curious and perceptive
  • flexible and patient
  • organised and resourceful
  • able to take direction, and take the lead


  • make decisions at the intersection of product and business
  • mentor generously
  • persuade and rationalise like nobody’s business
  • stay connected and in sync while working remotely


  • a thirst for good work
  • a growth mindset, to say the least
  • a deep, nuanced understanding of (read: love affair with) design process
  • a strong ability to strategise and frame problems
  • willingness to take, calculate, and rationalise risks


  • Figma
  • Notion
  • Creative Suite
  • Google Workspace
  • meeting / workshop facilitation


  • flexible work hours
  • work BFFs
  • squash

Applying to work in a Josephmark venture

About diversity: JM knows better products begin with diverse teams. That’s why we strongly (see bold and underline usage) encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply.

About qualifying: If you’re reading this and thinking, “oh no, I only tick a few of those boxes so I’m not going to apply.” Don’t be silly. If you’re a standout human, we won’t care that you play squash like a newborn giraffe. Ya feel?