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Community Lead

Brisbane (remote friendly)
Applications close
Fri 10 June, 2022

Vest is reimagining the relationship between Venture and Capital to create companies for good. We do this by creating a platform that powers syndicate communities to view hyper niche dealflow, invest in deals and be rewarded for their contributions to the community. Simply, we’re going to give people the power and control to have visibility and the opportunity to trade/sell/buy their Equity, ESOP, Carry and more. So when life is unfair, you could liquidate your options and take care of what's important.

Vest is incubated at venture studio Josephmark, and now joint-ventured and funded by VentureCrowd, which is a crowdfunding platform.

Main objectives

Working directly with a community of like minded individuals, this role will encapsulate the following:

  • The onboarding of new communities
  • Supporting your team with investor nurturing
  • Supporting your team with content creation
  • Building optimising and managing a community lead scaling playbook

Role and responsibilities

- The onboarding of new communities Gather the assets, requirements and goals of a community through a consultative approach and onboard them

  • Supporting your team with Investor nurturing Our core go-to-market strategy and phase 1 plan is centered around leveraging existing community influencers and thought leaders and giving them the tools to list and execute equity capital raises for companies within their niche sector. What this means is that we have the opportunity to work with those influencers to engage their existing audiences and convert them onto the branded community app, then into investing or contributing into deals and then to reward them for their efforts

Supporting your team with Content creation Content development is a critical part of the Vest Platform Ecosystem’s success. The platform has the ability to deliver a user experience for core Investing functionality and we plan to extend that experience so that investors can easily follow quite sophisticated investment processes. To bridge that gap - we need to generate content for our communities’ to distribute to their audiences to help build their confidence in investing, understanding of investing and trust in the community they are part of.

  • Build, optimise and manage a community Lead scaling playbook Your goal is to build out the playbook for creating successful communities with three-person pods (Community Manager, Growth Lead, Content Lead) and then to eventually manage those teams as they scale.

A bit about you

You're a people-person at heart and you thrive on watching your plans and systems blossom. You enjoy designing and optimising processes and helping get the best out of people to execute them. Excellent organisational skills will help your proactive approach to your work along with your resourcefulness. Being able to manage a team is a key factor to be successful in this role.

Work perks

  • Competitive salary + potential future equity
  • We take our work seriously but we’re relaxed
  • Wear whatever makes you happy
  • 100% Remote
  • Creating multiple world-firsts
  • Working with insanely talented people
  • Working with incredible thought leaders and influencers

Diversity and inclusion

About diversity: We know better products begin with diverse teams. That’s why we strongly encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply.

About qualifying: If you’re reading this and thinking, “oh no, I only tick a few of those boxes so I’m not going to apply.” Don’t be silly. If you’re a standout human, we won’t care that you play squash like a newborn giraffe. Ya feel?

About remote work: While we prefer a Brisbane-based team mate for this specific role, if you’re a shoo-in poised to bring the noise, we could find a way to make it work. Don’t let location stop you from applying if you’ve got your heart set on it!

Above all, we're all about attitude. We actually don’t expect folks to know everything, and we appreciate mistakes happen. Subsequently, rocking up and having a go is the most important attribute for us. We’re relaxed in our work style, though we value professionalism in communication and collaboration with both our team and customers.

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