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Product Strategist

Brisbane (remote-friendly)
Applications close
Tue 31 May, 2022

About JM

Josephmark is in an exciting phase of rapid growth as a company, doubling in size over the past 18 months. Our headcount is now 50 strong, made up of an eclectic mix of designers, developers, strategists, copywriters and technologists spread across Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Mexico. We’ve built brands and ventures, startups and scaleups for the last 17 years, all with a focus on changing the ways we work, play, and live.

Our diverse portfolio of venture companies (from sextech to fintech, agtech to entertainment), employs a sweat equity model, meaning that when one of our ventures exits (like previous ones have to Twitter and Microsoft), every team member shares in the success. As a team, we’ve innovated and strategized for emerging and existing ventures, brands and technologies that are shaping our collective future. Our growth trajectory means we’re looking to appoint a remote-friendly Product Strategist to our LA team.

What does a product strategist do in a venture studio?

  • As a venture studio, we build startup companies in rapid succession, meaning as a product strategist you gain exposure to a diverse range of ventures at every phase of their business and dive in wherever they are in their journey.
  • As a product strategist you thrive at the intersection of product design, business modeling, research and growth. Whether exploring new business models, reimagining or commercializing an existing product vision, accelerating growth or integrating new product features, you get to solve complex problems on a daily basis and apply your venture mindset /entrepreneurial spirit to the JM venture design process.
  • From exploration and ideation to validation and activation, you will envision new concepts that differentiate the user experience to create new value and/or validate assumed product features. Your core skills are translating insights and macro trends in order to define market opportunities, product requirements, prioritize milestones and flesh out roadmaps to bring into focus the short, mid and long term strategy – you know what a product needs to succeed, and more importantly, what the team needs in order to get there.

What you’ll do at JM:

Bringing a co-founder mindset, you’ll work with founders, guiding them through the fuzzy early stages of a venture, or through significant milestones such as growth and expansion or a pivot. From definition, scoping and planning to synthesis and storytelling, you will steer teams at various stages of the venture life cycle including:

Concept Definition: Drawing from your knowledge on macro trends, business models and user behavior, you’ll work with founders to define and articulate the visions for ventures, emphasizing the opportunities to create value and the riskiest assumptions that must be addressed.

Hypothesis testing: When faced with ambiguity you clarify hypotheses and inform direction through user insights, research and experimentation. You design experiments to develop a point of view, inform concepts, and assess commercial viability.

Product-market pull: Shaping an evolving research methodology that draws principles and key learnings from potential users, you may build one-off digital campaigns, focus groups, surveys or interviews to uncover new or assumed needs, reduce risk and experiment with real-world offerings.

Rapid Prototyping: You’ll rapidly prototype new concepts (low & high fidelity) to inform prioritization of core feature sets, and to refine user journey flows, user experience, information hierarchy, and interaction design to maximize conversion.

Product Design & Development: Traditional product management sees you collaborating with cross-functional disciplines including researchers, design, UX, engineers, motion, content, commercial to define product roadmap milestones, sprint goals and executive-level reporting of product development.

Product Market Fit & Growth: As a venture enters the market, you’ll define and track metrics for success and iterate the product towards product market fit. You’ll work with growth and marketing team members to align product strategy and development with growth initiatives.

Capability building: You will also play an important role in recruiting, onboarding and up-skilling staff as we assist ventures in building their own human resource capabilities.

About You:

  • As an experienced product manager or strategist with strong understanding of the startup landscape and an innate curiosity about building successful businesses, you will serve as the key point of accountability for Venture as a Service (VaaS) engagements.
  • Insightful, creative and curious with a strong continuous improvement focus, you’re constantly looking at ways to define various tactics and measures to vet the desirability, viability, and feasibility of venture concepts.
  • You naturally enhance the team dynamic by fostering empathy, vulnerability, agility, and vigorous inquiry, while maintaining high expectations of commercial outcomes.
  • You have a flair for crafting business use cases and/or narratives for C-suite and board-level presentations including investment pitches with anticipated milestones and discerning the most effective use of proceeds.
  • You’re able to make sense of data gathered from disparate data sources and proxies from other industries or products to understand audience psychology. You are pragmatic and creative about meeting users where they are.
  • You understand that consultation and communication are key to empowered and distributed teams and are excited to share your fast-growing start-up expertise to deliver value to users, and founders.

This is a full-time position that offers a competitive salary, equity across the Josephmark venture portfolio and flexible working hours. We prefer this position to be in close proximity to our Brisbane HQ but are open to fully remote applicants who can align with Brisbane (AEST) time and, for cross-collaboration projects, with our LA (PST) satellite office.

At JM, we know better products start with diverse teams. We are an inclusive workplace committed to fostering a sense of thriving and belonging for all. That's why we strongly (see bold and underline usage) encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply. If you share our values and our venture mindset, you’ll find a home (with your work bffs) at Josephmark.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh no, I only tick a few of those boxes so I’m not going to apply...”, don’t be silly. If you’re a standout human, we want to hear from you!

Viv Chang, Product Manager

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on at JM? This is not a fair question! It's like picking between your children! One of them would be Spirit Creatures: collectible, playable and non-fungible blockchain tokens that directly represent endangered animals and fund their conservation.

How long have you been in the industry for? I've been at JM for just over a year now as a Product Manager, but have spent 6 years in the digital space doing all kinds of things from writing SQL queries for not for profits to launching CRMs, websites and products. I'm particularly in love with UX, to the point where I ended up creating a product that recruited participants for usability tests called Askable.

What’s the worst thing about working at JM? Working for some of our in-house partnerships is so rewarding personally, and it can be hard to feel that impact when you switch back to fee-for-service projects. In saying that, client work means you can dip your toes into a variety of industries which can be invigorating – and some of the clients align with our values end up becoming partners.

What’s something people might not know about being a PM at JM? You'll spend a lot of time working directly with clients and partners. This means expectation management, being commercially-minded and thinking about how projects can evolve into future work, and project management duties (managing timelines and budgets). It's all part of being a PM. In saying that, JM are super open to hearing what you think your role should encompass. Roles change all of the time to suit the needs of the business.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to become a product manager? Be proactive in identifying problems and rallying people around that to help execute and solve it. Learn how to make something out of nothing, and be ok sharing your early work with people who will change and evolve it. Don't be afraid of taking initiative and asking for forgiveness later!

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