Making equity management look delicious.

Venture Journey
  • Launched

Joint Venture
Kim Hansen, Jason Atkins, Johan Kriegbaum



At the start of our engagement, explosive new crowdfunding laws had opened the market in Australia, making it exponentially easier for SMEs to raise money from unsophisticated investors. This new environment where unlisted companies could have thousands of investors, instead of five or six, created an equity management nightmare that nobody was ready for.

…except our venture partners, Smart Equity.

One brand, name and content marketing strategy later, a new freemium SaaS equity management platform was born: the exact tool Australian businesses needed to take advantage of new raise opportunities. We called it Cake.


Despite COVID-19 giving fintech a run for its money in 2020, Cake have successfully executed a product update, hired a flock of new staff, secured a grant from Advance Queensland, and are preparing for a UK launch.

In setting the direction for Cake’s onboarding UX and UI, we ensured that the product design was set to do for share plans what Lemonade did for insurance. Taking this approach meant that Cake had both designs in hand that were development-ready, and a clear plan to continue design in-house.

To develop a look and feel that was inclusive, intuitive and common-sense, we turned to hand-drawn illustration. In this space, that was a break with tradition – but it gave the brand the approachability it needed to ease anxiety and stand out from the pack.
Ryan McShane, Art Director


To establish their initial customer base by appealing to a wide variety of companies, Cake’s brand had to be as agile and eye-catching as possible. Potential customers were nervous in the financial space, so a friendly, trustworthy and personable feel was essential.

With typography, colour, content, illustration and even motion at our disposal, we developed branding, merch, product envisioning, marketing assets and collateral design for this all-in-one equity management platform.


Our competitors being uniformly utility-driven invited an exciting opportunity to diversify ourselves. After naming the company, and developing the positioning necessary to establish Cake as new leaders in fintech, we used Cake’s new, human, tongue-in-cheek tone of voice to set a top-level content marketing strategy.

Our strategy to locking down a strong initial customer base with Cake’s strong value proposition included well-used words and content channels, of course – but it also included sending people branded cakes.

Because, of course it did.

“Cake’s vision was to make equity accessible to all and help Australian SMEs grow exponentially. We’re so proud to have helped them bring it to life.”
Alex Naghavi, Creative Director

What we did in this project:



  • Immersion & Research
  • Naming
  • Values, Purpose, Proposition 
& Personality


  • Language & Tone of Voice
  • Messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand Animation


  • Collateral mockups
  • Website design
  • Light brand guidelines

Digital Product


  • Experience design
  • UX & UI design
  • Content & Information Architecture


  • Rapid prototyping

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