We are a global venture studio.

We believe that our legacy will be work that drives genuine value and inspires massive change. As a team and with our partners, we hold each other accountable to create beautiful work that is progressive, bold, and purposeful. And together, we can meaningfully address the issues and interests of our time.

Josephmark was established in 2004, when the term ‘venture studio’ simply meant that we had a lot of explaining to do. Soon enough – and with a lot of effort, skill, and love – Josephmark and the venture studio model grew in kind. Now, we span two continents and 50+ team members, with decades of experience creating, designing, growing, and connecting world-class brands and businesses.

Who is JM?

Collectively, we are designers, developers, strategists, writers, storytellers, shapers, and technologists.

While our disciplines and expertise are as diverse as our backgrounds, we share a common vision of designing a better future – for ourselves, for our partners, for the world, for you.

Uzi Baron

Technical Director

Blake Wassenaar

Commercial Director

Grace McCarter


Jess Huddart


Dylan Fox


Zac Fitz-Walter

Product Manager

Renzo Ventura


Paul Berkman


Vivien Chang

Product Manager

Jeremiah Kato

Business Development Manager

Sam Haakman


Shell Weiss

Motion Designer

Jay Van Deurse


Colleen Morgan

Product Director

Morris Tsai


Marco Santiago

Head of Delivery

Angela Yu


Lexi Thompson

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Steph Walsh

Creative Producer

Kaerlin McCormick

Investment Manager

Ben Johnston

Founding Partner

Jessie Hughes

Creative Technologist

Zach Radloff


Alex Naghavi

Executive Creative Director

Our Ventures

We apply the same principles that make your ventures soar to our own JM-originated portfolio.

If you’re interested in investing in JM or any of our ventures, learn more at josephmark.ventures.

Motion & Interactive Studio

A motion and interactive design studio that specializes in creating world-class motion content across animation, short films, music videos, branded content, and film and TV.
Indigenous Design Studio

An Indigenous-operated, full-service creative agency and certified Supply Nation supplier, specializing in strategic and creative marketing and communications.
We Are Hunted
AI-driven music platform

Acquired by Twitter in 2012, this groundbreaking software tracked the world’s 99 most popular emerging songs on the internet, in real time.
Social music platform

A community-driven music discovery platform that aggregates leading streaming services through a universal player.
Investment platform

Bridging the gap between venture capital and founders seeking investment, by streamlining investment deal flow and communication.
Algorithmic venture validator tool

A complex algorithmic validation engine that converts subjective human opinion into a validated evaluation of your current or next venture.