We spend one-third of our lives together.

So we only hire people we want to spend that precious time with. Here at JM, our mission is to design, build and grow ventures that address the interests and issues of our time – and that can only take shape with a diverse, high-performing team at the helm.

The interests and issues of our time are not limited to JM’s mighty output, but the tenets we advocate, the people and clients we choose to work with, and the ways in which we work. We’re committed to creating an environment that prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for every employee. Read more about our commitments here.

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Back in the mid 00s, every Monday at JM started with team breakfast, and every week ended with a champers in hand.

As we’ve expanded across the globe and met the remote reckoning head-on, we’ve used those real-life moments of camaraderie as a north star for our friendly and familial culture – whether it’s IRL or URL.

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    We believe in the ventures we work on so much that we invest in them ourselves. Ultimately, we want our legacy to be a portfolio of ventures that make the world a better place. As a JM employee, you have the opportunity to participate in our unique portfolio dividend distribution scheme. Your tenure and seniority feed into a ledger that entitles you to a proportional share of any cash dividend generated through our venture portfolio.

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    At JM, we know better products start with diverse teams. We are an inclusive workplace committed to fostering a sense of thriving and belonging for all. That's why we strongly (see bold and underline usage) encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply. If you share our values and our venture mindset, you’ll find a home (with your work bffs) at Josephmark.

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    We can promise that you'll be challenged and intellectually stretched by the projects you work on. In an industry filled with shifts and changes, sky’s the limit for your career progression – and we offer generous personal and professional development grants to help get you there.

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    Every project we work on is heavily vetted to ensure it’s aligned with our mission and values. Unlike many other business models, we don't say yes to every brief that comes through the door. You’re guaranteed to work on world-class products, brand new startups, and your very own ideas to create a better future by design.

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    We know you have a rich personal life outside of work (and at JM we love hearing about and celebrating your side hustles). We offer enhanced annual leave benefits, your birthday off, gender-equal paid parental leave and hybrid-remote working with flexible hours.

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    We host events, retreats and field trips on the reg both URL and IRL (when it's COVID safe).