Elevating vulva care through luxury consumer packaged goods.

Korina Vaynter


Meet Moi

Founded by Korina Vaynter in partnership with OB/GYN Ruslana Kadze (MD, MS, FACOG), Moi is on a mission to elevate vaginal health through products that catalyse beautiful rituals of daily self-care. When we think about vaginal care products, three things surface: clinical products, cringeworthy or dated packaging, and harsh, harmful chemicals. These problems have been preventing generations of people from accessing the benefits of vaginal hygiene – from fundamental health advantages to the powerful emotional and social potential at the heart of intimate self-care.

Korina had a vision, and samples at the ready… but lifting vulva care up alongside gut-health in today’s social imagination was an ambitious goal. Korina came to us at Josephmark to create a consumer brand that would feel as delectable as its products, and permeate the imaginations of consumers before it even launched.

For a brand that rose to the occasion, we took inspiration from high and low, including high-end sex toys, resin art, books and bathwater. The result was luxurious, warm, delectable and modern; authentically attuned to the slow and sensuous me-time rituals that the products would surely catalyse.

To elevate how vaginal health felt in people's imaginations, our language had to capture the brand’s intimacy – and steer clear from the clinical or crass.

From naming the company and its future suite of products, to illuminating Moi's vision and values and establishing a foundation for the brand (from consumer packaging to the pre-launch website), together we brought this zero-to-one startup to life, so its founder Korina could bring it to market.

What we did in this project...



  • Immersion & Research
  • Naming
  • Values, Purpose, Proposition 
& Personality


  • Language & Tone of Voice
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand Animation


  • Collateral mockups
  • Website design

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