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Jim McKelvey

Series A


Founded in 2016 by Square co-founder, Jim McKelvey, Invisibly’s mission is to empower consumers with agency and control over where their data appears, and how it’s used. It also and gives brands an opportunity to communicate with their consumers in an ongoing and positive way, informed by active consent. They represent a new benchmark in the data and attention economy – one that we believe will ultimately benefit us all.

The folks at Invisibly reached out to us to explore the possibilities of an updated brand identity, and to help them focus their brand narrative so it could be clearly communicated to consumers and brand partners across multiple touchpoints.

Working with the Invisibly team was an incredible opportunity to unpack what’s wrong with the data economy – giving us a deeper understanding of the landscape and the problems we were solving before our more formal engagement even began.


We dove in quickly to help them devise a brand strategy that was focused on people, and worthy of the deep trust we’d need to win off the bat to make the product successful. The values we developed and the creative direction of the brand is a human-centric, trustworthy and optimistic identity. Ultimately, it balances trust and education with warmth and humanity, exciting Invisibly members (and everyone else, really) to learn more about data ownership and control. The Invisibly team agreed that this new branding and messaging represented them both more authentically, and aspirationally – speaking to the team itself, the work they’re already doing, and their collective outlook on the future they want to see.

It’s a visually rich brand, for a subject matter that could easily be overlooked or perceived as overly complicated with a high barrier to entry. The color palette is bright and approachable, and the mark is technically thoughtful, future-forward, ownable and timeless. The rounded edges of the “pill” are inviting – a great shape to leverage both for the hero “I” and as an art direction for animated elements.

We invited necessary motion elements to invoke the repeatability, consistency and harmony of the product itself – elements that were key to building emotional trust with Invisibly members.


Once Invisibly’s values and core creative were locked in, we undertook an extensive brand narrative project to inform the tone, voice and language they use across different touchpoint to speak directly to people and brands alike.

It was important to anchor Invisibly’s flexible and diverse design system with a TOV that felt warm, frank and authentic. The principles we set up, and the practical guidelines that came with them, are now being used to inform marketing, partner tools, long-form content, social, and the site copy itself – empowering the Invisibly team to building trust emotionally and functionally through accessible, customer-centric and transparent language.

The team at Josephmark is ridiculously talented, innovative, bold, and strategic. If you are looking to create something unique and differentiated in the market you have found your creative parter. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and their work is a cut above anything I have ever come across in my fifteen years in marketing.
Laura Vestal, VP of Marketing


Following the brand strategy, visual identity and brand narrative, we collaborated with Invisibly to deploy their powerful new brand arsenal for the first time to create clean brand tools and build an easy-to-navigate website.

The final site was intended to be straightforward enough to explain the data economy problem in simple terms, opening peoples’ eyes to the complex pitfalls of big data and advertising to contextualise Invisibly’s tools as the natural solution. We art-directed a photography shoot to help the site feel people-first, allowing the viewer to see themselves in the story of Invisibly. Upfront information is juicy, snappy, attention-grabbing and bite-sized – backed up by deeper ideas, whitepapers and concepts in their blog, offering value to visitors in a direct and intuitive way. We also created a stand-alone site for advertisers and brand partners to contextualize the unique value of Invisibly’s people-first business model for their B2B audiences.

To be candid: the Invisibly team was a dream to work with. We’re honored to continue our partnership, collaboratively producing blog pieces and extended creative elements to bolster the next phase of their evolution.

What we did in this project:



  • Immersion & Research
  • Naming
  • Values, Purpose, Proposition 
& Personality


  • Language & Tone of Voice
  • Messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand Animation


  • Collateral mockups
  • Website design
  • Light brand guidelines

Digital Product


  • Experience design
  • UX & UI design
  • Interaction & motion design
  • Content & Information Architecture


  • Rapid prototyping
  • User testing


  • Technical analysis & strategy
  • Full-stack development (responsive web, iOS, Android, e-commerce)

Venture Strategy


  • Opportunity mapping
  • Demand testing
  • Market analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Product strategy & roadmapping
  • Product envisioning
  • Investment strategy


  • Investor narrative
  • Investor materials (hype reel, pitch decks, tearsheets, etc.)
  • Capital raising support
  • Recruitment
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Business Ops

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