Empowering people to take back control online.

Jim McKelvey
Beta Launched

AGDA Award Finalist

Invisibly represents a new benchmark in the data and attention economy – one that we believe will ultimately benefit us all.

We partnered with Square co-founder and fintech legend Jim McKelvey’s Invisibly team to establish a beautiful and scalable brand identity, and a narrative that could clearly communicate their game-changing value proposition to a massive audience.

With so much skepticism in the data economy, we knew our brand strategy needed to beget a deep trust right off the bat. We developed our brand messaging around a few core tenets: human-centric, trustworthy and optimistic.

We created a visually-rich brand for a subject matter that could easily be perceived as overly complicated with a high barrier to entry. The colour palette is bright and approachable, and the mark is technically thoughtful, future-forward, ownable and timeless, with motion elements that invoke the repeatability, consistency and harmony of the product itself.

The team at Josephmark is ridiculously talented, innovative, bold, and strategic. If you are looking to create something unique and differentiated in the market you have found your creative partner. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and their work is a cut above anything I have ever come across in my fifteen years in marketing.
Laura Vestal, VP of Marketing

The final site explains the data economy problem in simple terms, contextualizing Invisibly’s tools as the natural solution to the pitfalls of the industry. We art-directed a photography shoot to help the site feel people-first, allowing the viewer to see themselves in the story of Invisibly.

Our recommended voice principles center on warmth, frankness, and authenticity, and inform everything from marketing to partner tools, long-form content, social, and the site copy itself.