What if we taught kids like we trained entrepreneurs?

Venture Journey
  • Recon
  • Funding
  • Launched

Joint Venture
Founder Backed

Mitchell Mead
2 x AGDA Award Finalist, AWS EdTech Innovator Winner

Hey Startup is a fun and engaging new children's platform that pushes curriculum learning, so students can draw connections between what they’re being taught and the real world around them.

It's set to change the ways in which millions of children learn. In fact, Amazon recognised their game-changing potential as well, naming the platform an EdTech Innovator in AWS’s Edstart program in 2021.


Gamification & User Testing

  • A gamification strategy workshop helped identify an engaging core game loop that could be used as a basis for the experience.
  • A rapid prototype was developed to test hypotheses and assumptions.
  • Early user testing with students was undertaken in schools to gain valuable feedback.
"Josephmark were never just a 'team' of people that worked on the project. They were a part of it. They cared about the intricacies and flow, and provided insight in areas that I had missed."
Mitchell Mead

We worked with UK-based illustrator, Defaced, to create a truly unique and engaging experience for kids that brought a delightful, cut-through aesthetic that's immediately identifiable to the Hey Startup! Brand.