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Luke Trickett

ADC Awards Merit Winner

Marmalade is an invoice finance company whose mission is to be the gold standard for how businesses pay and get paid. As they scale, the necessity for an adaptable, modern design system became apparent — one that would appeal to their increasingly diverse consumers and thrive in changing markets.

Navigating this crucial inflection point, our objective was to forge a brand that not only underscores Marmalade’s trailblazing attitude, but also cements its trustworthiness — a fundamental attribute for any fintech leader looking to transform the industry.

In our strategic overhaul for Marmalade, we were guided by core customer insights that highlighted a universal desire for straightforward yet powerful financial tools, while boosting financial predictability and profitability.

Drawing on the concept of steady cash flow, we shaped a brand identity that exudes abundance and consistent reliability. Marmalade's brand voice, characterized by warmth, wit, and boldness, fosters a sense of partnership and smart pragmatism, positioning Marmalade as the go-to ally amid the clutter of financial tools.


The ingredients in Marmalade's new brand...

  • Symbolic distinction: The logomark reinterprets traditional financial symbols—banknotes and coins—through a minimalist lens, employing a rectangle and circle to signify stability and trustworthiness. The clever logo design subtly shifts between the appearance of an 'M' and three pillars, creating a sense of memorability and distinction.
  • Dare to be different: To help distinguish Marmalade in the market, we twisted the circle and rectangle symbols into a punk-inspired hole-punch aesthetic in the letterforms and illustrations. With this rebellious and playful depiction of currency, Marmalade breaks free from the confines of conventional corporate brands, and injects levity and a sense of the unexpected into its market presence.
  • Custom AI portraits: Adapting to the constraints of early-stage rebranding, we turned to AI technology to generate unique, custom portraits for Marmalade. This approach not only reduced costs but also provided a distinctive alternative to generic stock images, enhancing brand uniqueness.
  • Sonic branding: Acknowledging the multidimensional nature of branding, we crafted a sonic identity for Marmalade that amplifies its visual language. Our approach combined the repetitive patterns of the visual branding with the pulse of dance music, creating a sound that’s not only contemporary but also full of attitude, energy and momentum. The result is a trio of audio expressions—ident sound, hype reel, and explainer reel—each tailored for their use, but consistent in their style.
We faced a significant challenge in finding a partner who could grasp the nuances of our brand. Thankfully, from the first workshop, it was clear Josephmark understood us perfectly. This deep understanding allowed us to trust the process fully, resulting in the exact brand identity we needed for our future.
Ed Pullen, Marmalade Head of Growth

With this brand refresh, Marmalade cements its role as a trailblazer in the industry, with an identity built to last. The redesign has already garnered high praise from potential investors, indicating a bright future for funding and market growth. Following the new brand launch, Marmalade made headlines in major business publications, such as Australian Financial Review and SmartCompany, highlighting their impactful new voice.

What we did on this project...



  • Immersion & research
  • Values, purpose, proposition & personality


  • Language & tone of voice
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand animation


  • Collateral design
  • Design systems and guidelines
  • Motion design

Digital Product

Website Design

  • Website strategy
  • Website architecture
  • UX & UI design
  • Interaction & motion design
  • Interaction prototypes

Website Development

  • Full-stack development (responsive web)
  • User testing