Propelling teams forward with Pyn.

Joris Luijke, Jon Williams

2x AGDA Award Winner (Distinction & Merit)

Thriving careers, calm workplaces, fulfilling lives: Pyn is the definitive people operations tool for all the ways we work and live.

We partnered with Atlassian and Squarespace veteran Joris Luijke and Culture Amp Co-Founder Jon Williams to create a unique and scalable brand that could distinctly communicate Pyn’s value in the competitive HR marketplace.

How do you craft a distinctive brand in the overcrowded HR tech space? With several existing standout brands in the space, our challenge was to create an identity that would stand out above a sea of sameness and allow Pyn to grow its global reach and translate to a new website that could meet all of the company’s digital needs.

The resulting brand identity takes cues from the editorial space while pushing the brand into the future. Inspired by Pyn’s roots in content publishing, our creative direction blended the creativity and edginess of an art magazine, with the sophistication and credibility of the New Yorker. There’s an energy and collective vibration that comes to life through the glowing and shifting compositions, which capture the movement and progression that happens in the workforce.

Our unique and versatile design system is built out of abstract shapes with modular forms, stems from the brand narrative, capturing the changes and shifts in an employee experience. In combination with our gradient palette, this system utilises the shapes in different textures, forms, and patterns, which gives our brand a distinct retro-futurism feel.

With such rich fodder for applications across print, digital and physical realms, we set out to translate the Pyn brand into an engaging and informative website for prospects, existing customers and prospective talent alike.

The Pyn website features a strong editorial look and feel, combined with the soft colour palette and people-centric photography to underscore the human in ‘human resources’. It was a true joy to bring the brand to life for such a forward-thinking company here to shake up the people ops game.

What we did...



  • Immersion & research
  • Values, purpose, proposition & personality


  • Language & tone of voice
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand animation


  • Collateral design
  • Design systems and guidelines
  • Website design
  • Motion design



  • UX & UI design
  • Interaction & motion design
  • Content & information architecture


  • Technical analysis & strategy
  • Full-stack development (responsive web)
  • User testing