Bringing the immersive thrill of the Walking Dead home with AMC.

Interactive Game Experience
Google, AMC & The Walking Dead

Sound Design AGDA Award Finalist

How do you bring all of the action-packed experience of The Walking Dead right home with you? Alongside our sister interactive motion studio, Breeder, JM was brought on to envision an immersive, interactive world powered by Nest Home.

We used a compelling story and game mechanics to anchor this incredible concept, developed in collaboration with Xandra, Folklore, TalkVia, California Music and AMC. Every choice is meant to be consequential, and conversational design, audio design, and visual design helped bring that vision to life.


Behind the Game

  • 12 possible combinations of mission and team member selections
  • Approximately 35 minutes of play time per scenario
  • Over 2.5 hours of play time to complete all scenario combinations
  • 128 different visual assets (moving illustrations)
  • 750~ individual audio files
  • 5 ½ hours of total recorded audio

Journey with us to The Walking Dead Pathways, an original scripted interactive Google Action that places you in the center of TWD Universe. You'll embark on a fresh story with a new cast of characters who you'll choose from for your team. You're their leader though, so be sure that you make the right decisions to get you and your team accepted into the main settlement at Alexandria.

Should you succeed, and we believe you will, you'll gain entry to the settlement where there's safety in numbers.

Should you fail, well, we'll see you as the undead.

Play now on Google Nest devices or via your Google Assistant app by saying, "Google, talk to The Walking Dead Pathways."