Reinventing a global innovation brand.

Peter Diamandis

AGDA Award Finalist

We partnered with XPRIZE to envision a future-forward holistic brand identity for the nonprofit’s new era.

XPRIZE is a nonprofit impact platform that facilitates large-scale global competitions with multi-million-dollar incentives, crowdsourcing solutions to the world’s great challenges.

XPRIZE had been too busy quite literally saving the world since their inception in the 90s to even consider a rebrand – but it was time to usher in a new era that could speak to a mainstream, younger market.

“Working with such a game-changing organisation as XPRIZE is a true honour. Helping them navigate and shift towards this progressive, energetic new brand has been a huge undertaking which couldn’t have been done without seamless collaboration between both teams.”
Alex Naghavi, Josephmark Executive Creative Director

A generative mark: our system opens up opportunities to augment the mark based on data from impact reports, prize team progress or even big data from climate change or space discovery analysis.


Behind the design

  • The creative focus points that our team orbited around were boldness, confidence and forward progression.
  • We used the system-oriented approach to pair this boldness with more minimal elements to keep the look and feel clean and considered.
  • We partnered with our sister studio Breeder to co-create a next-level flexible system with motion design at its core for the logomark.

After conducting a voice audit and community spectrum analysis, we put together a foundation content package for the new brand experience including a voice and tone guide, practical voice chart of dos and don’ts, language exploration for brand collateral and more.