Clean energy, for and by the people.

Venture Journey
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  • Beta Launch

Equity Partner
Aaron Yew

AGDA Award Merit Winner

To accelerate the transition to a localized, sustainable and decentralized energy market, in partnership with Oxamii, we created a seamless marketplace directly connecting people who consume energy with those who produce it. The People’s Grid is your access to local, renewable, sustainable power.

Oxamii was creating a pioneering platform and marketplace to connect buyers, sellers, and intermediaries in local, renewable energy generation (known as The People’s Grid). Gearing up to execute their customer and go-to-market plans, our challenge was to bring The People’s Grid to life with a seamless customer experience, from branding, product strategy and design, software development and go-to-market activities.

We were excited to get our hands dirty on a company that speaks so clearly to our own regenerative values. We took on platform development, website, brand and content marketing, as well as strategic investment in The People’s Grid, with a collective goal of building connection and powering a movement for a brighter (more renewable) tomorrow.

Behind The Strategy

The JM Approach

  • We knew that The People’s Grid could be so much more than just a brand; we needed to spur a movement. It was essential to our brand design process that it felt like it belonged to the people, retained a community focus, and offered a sense of illustration.
  • We used a bright brand green to connect with the renewable energy movement, and a logo that showcases the togetherness of collaborating for the greater good.
  • We leveraged 3D illustrations to depict our vibrant community and add a bespoke recognition that feels singular to The People’s Grid.
"You need an incredibly motivated and capable team to tackle complex early-stage venture challenges. We were delighted to work with the team at Josephmark who brought an array of skills and smarts, and most importantly, a founder mindset to help us bring The People's Grid to life."
Aaron Yew

Delivering on the promise that The People’s Grid delivers climate impact and tangible social impact at the community level, we designed a platform where users can learn all about their energy, their impact, and the people they are connected to. The People’s Grid empowers users to connect to their energy on a more personal, tangible level by understanding where it is coming from, and who it is coming from.

To put it simply, people-powered takes on a new meaning with The People’s Grid.

What we did...

Venture Strategy


  • Opportunity mapping
  • Market analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Product strategy & roadmapping
  • Product envisioning
  • Investment strategy


  • Investor narrative
  • Capital raising support
  • Recruitment
  • Business ops

Digital Product


  • UX & UI design
  • Interaction & motion design
  • Content & Information Architecture


  • User testing


  • Technical analysis & strategy
  • Full-stack development



  • Immersion & research
  • Naming
  • Values, purpose, proposition & personality


  • Language & tone of voice
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting


  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Brand animation


  • Website design and development
  • Design systems and guidelines